Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Plenty on the go

In the build up to 2013, things have been going very well.

Soon the Infinity the Game Paradiso writing competition entries will be appearing on the relevant forum. My own entry awaits proof reading as before but I'm happy with it and once my proof reader gets back to me I'll formally post it up. I think people will like, its the same kind of style as the novel (sticking with what I know).

Also got a new short story challenge to tackle entitled 'Visit to a stately home'. This rather broad category was chosen by myself. Might be a bit too broad but we'll have a go. Keeps the creative mind pondering...stuff.

Likewise, work on the second novel is going nice and steady, working my way up to 3000 words already and its not even January yet! I still intend to set the end of January 2013 as the deadline for the second novel, first draft to be completed. I think its a good idea to impose on myself a deadline like this; keep me motivated to complete things in a timely manner.

I hit something of a milestone recently as I had my first purchase from America. Nice to see the novel appearing internationally now. Thanks again Jane!

Got my first review as well. My thanks to Simon, really glad you enjoyed the book.

Twitter account links are going well too. I now have almost 1000 followers on Twitter, the majority fellow writers of the indie community and jolly nice people they are too. I'm not convinced I'm selling many books via Twitter but it is allowing me to get better integrated with the indie author community and forge good links with some very helpful people.

Regards the popularity of the book, its all going to be down to word of mouth. Fortunately, said word of mouth has been very good indeed and lots of friends and colleagues have been sharing tales of the book. Indeed I'm reliably informed the book was the subject of much talk during works Christmas party. To everyone who has been sharing news of the book, thank you so much for the encouragement and continued support. It has spurred me on to get the next one done as soon as.

Now I just need to make sure to have the books paperback edition completed. This and the first draft of the next novel should be done by the end of January 2013. The Createspace process seems straight forward enough considering I already have the manuscript and front cover sorted. Just need a back cover and spine completed and we are good to go.

So its busy busy busy, but the right and enjoyable kind of busy. Plenty of writing to be done and I’m still very much enjoying the experience.

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