Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Shade is coming: 31st August 2015

Well the date is almost upon us, and I’m glad to say we are on schedule.

After my last blog update the novel completion process went into overdrive.  I have been working at updating and tightening the story structure, adding detail and descriptions where necessary, filling in plot holes and strengthening the story.  My proof readers have done an exceptional job and have helped me get to this latest draft.

The final phase is upon us.

On monday 24th I spent the day finishing my final draft.  This draft has now been passed to my family for a final check over.  After they read through and give it the ok, I’ll make my final modifications and release the book on the 31st.

Two years of work will at last be unleashed onto the general public.

My next blog post will be to confirm the release and provide those all important advertisement links! 
Whilst it has definitely proven to be ‘that difficult third book’, in the final assessment I have really enjoying bringing it’s many characters to life.  I hope all you readers out there will enjoy.

Till the next and final blog post about Haldred Chronicles: Shade!