Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I hate the word 'said'

Yes its been a while but for good reason.

I've been hammering away at the Novel, with 185 pages now written and a whole raft of scenes and chapters written or at least planned out.

The problem is this. The word 'said'.

This cursed word is cropping up all over the place and I'm having damntable difficultly getting shoot of it in any which way.

The issue is that a lot of my scenes start as dialogue. Literally just dialogue, often between just two characters. Its only afterwards when I go through it again that I flesh it out, describing the scene and the characters as well as the context of the scene.

All this is all well and good. But the pigging word said continues to just creep in!

The solution is resolving itself slowly but surely as I go over those old scenes and get the old thesaurus out. But still, I'm annoyed at myself on relieing on it in the first place.

Meantime, am still on schedule for finishing the 1st Draft by Christmas. Stay tuned.

As hopefully next time I'll maybe put up a scene or two. We'll see.
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