Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The time of publishing approaches...

The time of publication is fast approaching.  After months on months of drafting, rewrites and proofing the final product is pretty much ready.

Haldred Chronicles: Kalla will be released on schedule on the 31st August 2013.

As a final precaution I am having the “final” draft looked over by a fresh proof reader, as well as two other people who hadn’t read the first book; just to check coherency and if the book sits well as a stand alone story.  I have written it with the idea that you don’t need to have read the first book, but if you have you’ll get that little bit extra out of it.  I hope, depending on what comments come back to me, that I have succeeded.

A launch party is also confirmed, but it has become a more low-key affair than originally intended.  It’s a social meet up for a load of friends and a few guests to come and enjoy some banter, an interview with myself and a reading of part of the book.  It will be good fun but won’t be over the top.

The next update to this blog will be literally the ‘it’s out!’ post with a link to purchase the book.

After book 2, what are my plans?

Well, I hope to continue work on the short story compendium “Tales of Larrick City.”  This, once complete, will be a freely downloadable book of short stories, as well as a glossary for the Haldred Chronicles universe.  Release date is still to be confirmed; I need to finish it first!  I hope people will enjoy as it fills out the story and background of the world.  That and it’s a good excuse to keep writing before starting work on book 3.

Speaking of book 3, the plan is to start it off in November 2013.  I will write it as part of the November writing completion run as the National Novel Writing Month at  Hopefully I will finish a complete first draft by the end of that month. 

So that’s the plans anyways.  Next blog update will be the release of the book.  I hope you all enjoy!

Take care.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Launch date is closing in!

Just a quick update to indicate that I’m still here!

The draft is sitting with a select few proofreaders for review and comment, as well as checking over the all important grammar and spelling.  Everything is on schedule.

Added to this, I have been making preparations for a possible launch party on the 31st August 2013.  All being well this launch party will take place on the evening of the 31st with some food and drink, an interview with me as well as a raffle and the reading of an extract from the new book.  It should be a fun night once all is organised.

In preparing for this night, I have placed an order for some business cards with some rather nice custom graphics, as provided by Mat my illustrator.  They look the business and I hope to get them sometime this week.

I also put in an order for a couple of small posters to the ‘Zip Posters’ web company.  They too should be with me this week.

So its all go and I’m thoroughly looking forward to finally releasing the new book for you all.  Till launch day!