Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Haldred Chronicles: Anna released

I am a man of my word

Ladies and gentlemen, Haldred Chronicles: Anna, is now available for download on Amazon Kindle.  Find the links below 😊

United Kingdom =Haldred Chronicles: Anna

United States = Haldred Chronicles: Anna

And as a special bonus, all 3 of the previous Haldred Chronicles books are free on Amazon Kindle from today until the 5th February.  So if you want to start a new series, or know someone looking to, now is the time.

United Kingdom = The whole series

United States = The whole series

I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Book 4 release date

At long last, after 2 years of work, Haldred Chronicles: Anna is finally being released!

My 4th book will be available from the 1st February 2018.  The final proof is being checked over, the cover is ready, and all I have to do is the technical stuff and it will be available on Amazon Kindle.

As a bit of history, the beginnings of this book were in 2012, as it was originally going to be the 2nd book in the series after 'Alyssa'. However, the story didn't quite fit with what I had planned at the time so it was shelved.

Now, after extensive updating to bring it in line with everything that's happened in the previous books, it fits with the series just right.

Without giving too much away, the new book takes the characters to a foreign land and will introduce the reader to several more nations of the Haldred Chronicles world.

I hope all of you will enjoy reading this latest book, just as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Expect another blog update on the 1st February, announcing the official release and providing a link to purchase :).

One more thing.

I'm making all 3 of the previous books in the series (Alyssa, Kalla and Shade) available free on Amazon Kindle from the 1st February to the 5th February. So if you know anyone who might fancy getting into a new book series, please let them know!

Until the 1st my friends!