Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Onward to victory!

Well I'm stuck indoors due to possible protests and being on call in work. Sucks. However, it does give me time to update the blog again with new blocks of news.

First up, I finally finished my Infinity the game Paradiso fan fiction story and have sent off to my designated proof reader on the Infinity community forums. Hopefully, with only a few more modifications, it shall be ready for posting on the forums at the allotted time. Once posted I shall happily post up a link on the blogs so you guys can all take a look and let us know what you think.

Secondly, the 'Ashkelon Rising' Aeronautica 40k fan fiction is also at last concluded. Find it at this forum post on the Aeronautica Airspace forum.

The story is a bit rough round the edges at times but it was often written in haste and very experimental. I hope regardless you all will enjoy, whether a 40K fan or not. Its got plenty of comedy, action and mystery. Just like the novel!

Third, novel comments continue to flood in. Thank you again to everyone who has been commenting it's really encouraging to hear such positive feedback. It's stirred me toward getting the next book sorted quick as!

Indeed, speaking of which, fourthly, the new book! The current working title is Haldred Chronicles: Kalla; the first draft has already passed 1500 words. My original plan had been to set myself a deadline of completing the first draft throughout the month of January and give myself a rest in December. However, I had so many ideas in my head I had to write them down so I've kicked things off early and am already hammering away at the sequel.

One should also note that a sequel was already written technically (mentioned in previously blog posts) with 20'000 words put on paper. However, reviewing this sequel it soon became clear that it was likely to be a bit too big once complete. I am keen to write bigger books for the series, with more characters and more complex plots, but not just yet. I want to establish a good, solid series of novels before branching into larger sequels or spin-offs.

Thus, this sequel will be a proper one to the first book, and the original sequel idea has been shelved and will form the basis of a much bigger story in the future. This is no bad thing as right now I have another 16 different story ideas for both new books in the current series and a variety of odd spin-off's; everything from mercenary groups to sports (I kid you not!).

So there you have it, plenty still going on and keeping me going. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the novel. Just as a correction from the previous blog.

My UK Author page on Amazon is below:

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Also, links to the novel itself

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Take care everyone

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