Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Its Christmas eve and just enough time for a quick update before the celebrations begin.

At last, my Infinity the game Paradiso Fan fiction competition entry has been posted up (so I now no longer need to keep repeating its long-winded title). Find it here:

Its the one entitled 'Friendly Fire' by Vedalslayer (me!).

I'll be honest, I'm up against some very good writers on the forum so competition is tough. However, you as reader will reap the rewards. You're in for a treat whether you know the background to the Infinity gaming system or not. A lot of very good stories have appeared already and more are on the way. Look for the 'poll' posts.

I've been doing a lot of work on the new novel already; up to 4500 words now. If I can keep up this momentum after Christmas I should definitely be able to hit my target of Draft 1 completed by the end of January. The ideas are coming thick and fast. I've already written a nice interrogation scene that I'm very happy with and the characters are fighting for screen time. I intend to make sure they all get their moment to shine.

The first novel is still getting very good reviews. On Amazon, it's had 4 x 5 Star rated reviews which his just fantastic. For anyone reading this who did a review, thank you so much. I know many friends have also pledged to review the book when they finish it, please do guys! Its a fantastic encouragement and makes a big difference when people a searching for books to read on Kindle.

Anyways, to everyone reading this blog, a very happy Christmas to you all. I hope it goes well (and is stress free!). Take care everyone.

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