Saturday, 16 February 2013

The good and the bad

Its has been a busy week, with many ups and downs.

The IRS got back to me about getting me a tax code so I can at last get a printed version of my book from Sadly, they said no. Something about the required documentation I sent through not being sufficient, despite the fact that I sent them my passport (which fortunately, they returned). So yet another delay on the road to getting the first novel into printed form. However, undaunted, I intend to give the IRS a phone on Monday and discover what the problem is and maybe move things along. Just means that sorry guys, those waiting on a paperback version will have to wait a little longer.

I also didn't get to finish the latest writing challenge of writing a short story based on a song. My choice, Johny Cash's legendary song 'Boy named Sue' just didn't work out. I just can't write a story that gelled properly; my attempts didn't do it justice. Going to go back to the drawing board and find a different song to write on. Just means I'll have to play catchup for a bit.

However, got good news too. I'm making good progress with going over what I've done so far on the second novel. Already got a lot of new ideas, just have to finish going through my little paper draft and we'll be back in business.

I've also been doing a couple of pieces of new fiction.

One was for Bad Company Redux, the wargaming club I'm with. They are running an Infinity the Game 'Paradiso' campaign and I put up my first blog post about the campaign on their website with a little fiction to tie things together. Check it out at in the 'Badlands' blog (in the future this will be entitled the 'Paradiso' blog)

I've also done a little fiction piece for a mate of mine, which i'll post up sometime in the future. I think people will like it but I want him to see it first.

Another big update is my actions on Twitter. I've now decided not to advertise my book on Twitter anymore as I’m convinced its not really working. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on connecting with fellow writers / interested parties and retweeting whenever I can, as well as just updating people about my blog posts. I've over 1700 followers now so that's good, plenty of people seem interested in my little corner of the internet.

So that’s the update this weekend. I hope to keep writing and get a bit more done on the second novel. Stay tuned everyone!

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