Sunday, 10 February 2013

Keeping out of trouble.

Good progress this week.

Main thing is that I have at last printed out what I’ve done so far on the second novel, which is good because it means I’ll be able to look through the 52 pages and start filling in the blanks so to speak.  At present I have a lot of good scenes but not necessarily enough scenes to link all of them together.  I also need to figure out names of new characters, better descriptions of characters and locations, and tighten up the storyline.  All is doable, just need to sit down and do it.

I also had a fantastic brain storming session this week with a good friend (thank you Jo!) so a lot of new ideas have blinked into existence and I’m trying to figure out how to either integrate them into this new novel or into the series.  We shall see!

Added to this I’ve the next in our story competition challenge series.  This time the challenge is to write a story based on a favourite song.  Unfortunately I’m already behind in this (nothing written yet!) but I have chosen a song; a particular Johny Cash number that should do the necessary nicely.  I hope I can do the legendary man justice.

Also, the wargames club which I’m part of has recently started up an ‘Infinity the Game’ campaign and I’m going to be writing some fiction for it to tie together the various factions and battles.  The plan is to do this mission by mission (12 missions in all so 12 separate fiction pieces to write) as well as battle reports and painting so we’ve the complete package.  Just like all the writing I’m doing, I just need to schedule time to do this.

Plenty to look forward to, plenty to keep me out of trouble.

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