Saturday, 2 March 2013

More Progress!

Well there has been progress, and good progress, all around.

I've been working away on the second draft of the second novel now, already starting to tighten up the story structure and define the characters more clearly. Everyone has their part to play. The plan now is simple:

End of March 2013 = finish second draft.
End of April 2013 = finish third draft and get cover sorted.
End of May 2013 = deploy draft to proof readers.
June 2013 = complete final draft with proof reader comments.
1st July 2013 = book released!

Yes I know, very ambitious of me. But I've got to have something to work toward to drive me and get this next book finished. I'm determined to finish it in 6 months and 2 months have already passed.

I have also taken another step toward making the current novel more widely available by enrolling with Google Books, part of the Google Play system. Hopefully, once my current agreement with Amazon expires the book will be available on the likes of Nexus 6 devices as well as Kindle. When I signed up with Amazon I agreed to only distribute the electronic version of my book with Amazon. This agreement is due to expire shortly so i'll have more freedom as to where the book is distributed from.

I'm also continuing to hunt publishers for the current novel. Only problem has been just making time to research and contact. Hopefully I will have more time over this weekend.

Finally, I'm hoping to update the blogs to make them a bit more interesting to read. At present they just update on the books progress, which is good, but I want to give people a bit more for taking the time to read the blogs. Plan is to start posting up short stories again, like I used to, to give people a bit more to work with.

Some stories will be old ones that I have updated whilst others will be completely new. Should be interesting for all of you either way and I welcome any comments!

Till next time.

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