Tuesday, 6 November 2012

To the final draft

So its finally here. I am now working on the final draft of the Novel!

My proof reader Cara has completed work on the 6th Draft and I am now working my way through the 7th draft to complete the novel. 7th Draft will be the final draft. After that *deep breath* it will be release time.

Likewise my fantastic illustrator Mat has done a real number on the front cover. He's sent me his draft version of the front cover and its looking nothing short of incredible. Again, the next one he sends me will be the actual front cover, with text, ready to roll for release.

As the preparations for release draw near, I have not been idle. My twitter account (@jgwritesnovels) has grown. I'm now following over 200 people and being followed by over 80. I'm getting a lot of good advice from experienced authors as well as experienced twitter users. If successful this twitter account will prove invaluable in both advertising and keeping fans up to date with future writing.

Likewise the facebook page (which you may or may not be reading this blog on) has over 80 likes from both friends and random passersby (hello to you random passerby...see, I included you!) which has been really encouraging. Too all of you who have liked the page, thank you, it really encourages me in the writing and to see this project to its conclusion.

I've also been investigating printed versions of the book and yes, it can be done. However, first comes the electronic version, then I'll sort some printed copies for those who have asked and finally, if its proving popular, see about a publishing deal with Amazon. I told you, I've not been idle, but it all depends on the popularity of the book.

A lot of hard work has gone into this novel, not just from me but from many tireless proof readers, encouragers and what-about-this-idea...ers. You have all encouraged me to keep this project going and I thank you all so very much for this help.

I am on the home stretch.

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