Wednesday, 21 November 2012

looking to the future

Busy busy busy!

Monday night I finished updating the novel with suggestions from Dad. Basically, it's now ready to go. All that remains is a final read over to check everything in it flows right and then formatting the document so that it is ready for Kindle upload; ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting planet.

Paired with this, my fantastic illustrator Mat has been very hard at work perfecting the cover image. It, too, is now ready to be uploaded and looks the business. Once again, well done Mat!

Just today I properly signed up to Createspace, the publishing arm of Amazon, and have now signed up with the community area. Indeed, this blog is now appearing on the Createspace blogs as well (Hello Create-spacers!...wait that came out wrong). Yes, thats 4 different blogs...I'm greedy. Createspace will allow me to do what many of you have already asked about. Produce paperback copies of the novel. But patience my friends, let the book see the light of day first!

I have also made big progress with my Paradiso infinity the game fan fiction competition entry (yes, huge title I know). I hope to have it completed by the end of this week. As well as this I've also made progress with K's latest challenge, continuing an interaction from a soppy romance easy task but a good challenge! Finally I need to think about the latest Aeronautica narrative (likely the final one) from a recent game with Rob and concluding the 'Ashkelon rising' storyline still on the go in the same forum.

Like I said, busy!

So with all of the above activates the question is this: what happens after the book is published next week?

Well, one of the first things I'll do is breath a sigh of relief. After that, my proof readers will also breath a sigh of relief (I know...your looking for spelling and grammar mistakes in this blog post as well. Its ok, I understand). Then comes the process of getting the word out about the novel and its availability.

The Facebook page will be updated on a regular basis with new information about the novels universe, pictures from Mat and other information. Just to further enrich the concept. In turn, I'll be using the twitter account (which now has around 500 followers. Yes I know I'm quoting numbers at you, sorry) to further advertise the novel as well as linking in with other novelists; there are a lot of them and they all seem very nice. I also hope to get looking at more writing blogs and forums, get myself involved more with the writing community. It's a very big community and has already been very helpful and supportive of the 'newbie' author.

Long term I need to make a decision. Will I keep this going?

I've got 14 different ideas for potentially continuing the Haldred Chronicles series, in particular the current sequel that I’ve already started (around 20'000 words). Coupled with this I've still got the BIG Novel that never was which is set in the same fictional universe; it revolves around mercenaries and is already 70'000 words long. There are even little ideas around prequels or spin-off's. Put simply, this has potential.

Right now, I do want to keep it going. It was good fun to write and it has allowed me to learn a lot about writing and vastly improve my writing skills; several of you will be thinking at this point 'well they couldn't have gotten any worse!'. I think it's a unique enough concept to fit in with the many other fantasy novels out in the writing-world and I think it's deep enough to draw people in. Most importantly, I think it's entertaining. Readers will enjoy reading the stories and finding out about the world and the characters there-in (as well as allowing psycho analysis of JG's brain...I assure you it's already a very very scary place B-)).

I'd like to end by paying tribute to my friends and family who have been so very supportive in my attempts to complete this novel. You guys are the best and without you all encouraging me or just asking after the novel and its progress, I would never have got it done.

And of course, my proof readers. Legendary individuals from many walks of life who gave up there time to help me. I won't forget guys, that I assure you. I am in your debt and you have definitely made your mark on the work by your help and skills.

Anyways, stay tuned for release information which will be next week sometime. It shall be good!

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