Monday, 18 July 2011

Testing times

Very brief kind of update as this is a 'test' of bloggers email capability. Can I email blog updates in other words.

Hopefully, I can as it would be a good excuse for procrastination via yet another electronic meduim.

Meantime, just a little word on progress. I'm starting to tighten up 2 particular aspects of the Novel. Vocabulary and grammar. The two main 'tools' in my writing tool box that need the most refinement.

Its all very well producing good story / characters etc but it means nothing if the descriptions make no sense or are just plain boring.

Thus I'm working my way through what I've got and 'correcting' were I see correcting is needed. Technically I should be doing this in the 2nd draft but. Well, damn it I can't help it! Must. Correct. Spelling!

Still, means once I do start posting up aspects of the work at least it'll make sense and I'll be slightly less embarassed by it.

We'll see.
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