Thursday, 28 July 2011

I love dialogue

Well found out two things. First, I can indeed email from my phone to update this Blog, so will be taking full advantage of this.

And secondly, I love writing dialogue.

Sounds like a very general thing to say but its true. Looking at the characters I've created so far and the interactions between them, Dialogue has become the thing I most enjoy writing. Plus depending on how I write the dialogue can do wonders for figuring out just what this character is like without having to go into a detailed description.

For example, one of my characters is something of an upper class snob. Thus, instead of going into too much detail about his manners or even what he's wearing, I'm attempting to communicate this in his dialogue.

Without giving too much away I've taken inspiration from the character of Neil's in the series Frasier. Think of that what you will.

Despite these 'good' revelations I've only got doing a little on the Novel this week due to an event I'm running this weekend.

We're now up to 114 pages now plus more background pages. First 2 chapters are looking a bit better and I'm starting to refine the character interactions more (due of course to said discovery of 'the fun of dialogue'). Plus think I'm starting to write better and more interesting descriptions. Time will tell once I start to post some of them up here. We'll see.
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