Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lots of updates!

Well it has been a whirlwind of activity here so I have lots to update you all on!

First, those who have been visiting the blog should notice a bit of a facelift.  With the assistance of the fantastic photography of Ricky Parker I now have proper background images and a better layout.  I hope people will find the blog more interesting and easier to read now.  For those viewing this update on one of the other blog sites ( or ) the link for the main site is below.

Secondly, the Facebook page has had a massive update, namely the photographs from the launch party of the 31st August 2013! 

It took place at the ‘Cabin’ Hall at Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast, and was very well attended.  There, I had an author interview with the fantastic Vic and then a dramatic reading from the Haldred Chronicles: Kalla performed by Vic (playing Victoria), Joanne (playing Gretna), Carson (playing Malak) and Hayley (playing Katy).  All of whom did an exception job of bringing the Haldred Chronicles to life.  The night was rounded off with a free raffle that included a signed copy of a Haldred Chronicles poster!  Everyone had a fantastic time.

You can see some of the photographs of the event at the below link:

Thirdly, my twitter account has had a facelift as well, again due to Ricky’s excellent photos.  To keep up with my random musings, check out the link below.  Of particular note is the new photo of me!

For anyone interested in Ricky the photographer, please visit his site below.  He does exceptional work, I hope you’ll agree.

All that remains is to remind people that all of the above crazy-ness is due to the release of my latest book, Haldred Chronicles: Kalla.  Available for both the Kindle and Kobo books!  Check out the links below for the UK edition

Thanks again everyone, hope you all enjoy

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