Sunday, 23 October 2011

Building blocks

For the second time in the books life, I have printed it out. 219 pages currently (their was some trimming). Now comes the long process of working my way through those 219 pages and making it fit together.

As good as the inspiration has been over the last while, a lot of the scenes I've been writing do not fit into any particular part of the story. With the print off, I can now start looking were they can go. And also what other scenes are required to connect everything together. It also let's me see if the characters are actually interacting right and the plot making sense. I've already located a few plot holes and filled them in.

Theirs also now the opportunity to apply the skills I've learned to older portions of the book and make them read better. Certain scenes written at the start of the year do not read as well compared to more recent work.

Still getting a fare amount of time to work on Novel but work continues to get in the way. Then again its getting in the way of all social interaction so I may get used to it.

I've a feeling now that the deadline in december is attainable BUT will be tight. Theirs still so much more to do. But, I remain confident and am grabbing every spare moment to get stuff done.

It is getting there.
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